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  • Grilled or baked, sweet corn is tastiest fresh from the field

    Sweet corn has a short season, but there is still a lot to know about this delicious vegetable. Starting in mid-April, we head out to the field and begin planting a rotation of corn. Every week or so we plant a few more rows. That way we have fresh... Read more

  • It’s a new world of camping

    The magical mystery tours of RV travel continue to attract Americans. 2017 will be another record year for the industry. RVs are big business. Dealers who are looking to retire or have suffered during the recession are being consolidated into multi-lot networks. Traditional family-owned, local dealers are now competing... Read more

  • Head to Denny Dennis for frog gigging gear

    Bullfrog and green frog season is open in Missouri until Oct. 31, and we can provide your needed tools as the area’s premier fishing and sporting goods outdoor shop. American bullfrogs are Missouri’s largest frogs. While green frogs look similar to bullfrogs, they are smaller and have a skin... Read more

  • Produce Tastes Best When Picked in Season

    You might be able to pick up a tomato year-round at any large grocery store, but will it be a fresh tomato? Most likely it will not.  As a consumer, you want to get your produce when it’s in season—when it’s fresh, ripe, and has the best flavor. Many... Read more

  • Choosing a Priority dealer is an RV priority

    Buying an RV can be a kind of investment, although the returns are mostly intangible — they include fun, family adventures, exploring and creating memories. To the first-time buyer all RVs can look alike. The challenge is to find the right balance between quality and reputation. Successful dealers have... Read more

  • Thank you for making Outdoors Day a success!

    Denny Dennis’ Outdoors Day proved to be a complete success as hundreds of people showed up to the sporting goods store June 11. Over the six hours, the visitors enjoyed free food and beverages, received door prizes, met with representatives of several outdoors organizations and took advantage of storewide... Read more

  • Denny Dennis Sporting Goods celebrates 60th anniversary

    In celebration of the store’s 60th anniversary, the staff at Denny Dennis Sporting Goods is holding an Outdoors Day from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. on June 11. The public is invited to come enjoy free food, beverages and a store-wide sale provided by Big Dick’s BBQ. Representatives from the Missouri... Read more

  • The importance of eating local

    There are a couple good reasons why consumers should make it a priority to eat local. First, it helps the local economy — eating local means the money you spend here stays here. It goes beyond the money you exchange at the cash register for the locally grown meats... Read more

  • Choosing your first RV can be overwhelming

    The number of first-time RV buyers continues to grow. The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that shipments are at the highest level in 40 years. Smaller motorhomes and travel trailers are leading the way. And those who started small in the last couple years are trading up to larger... Read more